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Offline Shadowprince


Location: Netherlands

Language: Main language Dutch
               Other language: english and a little german

Age:   19 almost 20

Account: Shadowprince (mod helper atm) 

Do You have more accounts?: no

Do You have any previous Moderating experience?: Yes on another server is was moderator once people said i did a good job Really liked helping the server and other people was online a lot just talking and helping

Have You ever banned someone because He/She didnt follow The Rules?: yes not right away with warnings but yea he was banned

What position are You applying for?: Admin

Why do You think u can handle the Rank Admin?: I know a lot about the server (can learn way more) and i like to be online a lot havent been alot online lately because of school and work but got time now and want to help other people as good as possible so they can enjoy the server as much is a do! And i think i can talk well to people and help them true the game if they got questions they come to me. and i am always nice to people in my opinion

What can You do for the server?: I can help new players in the server with problems or other things and i can help with problems on the server if the other admins are offline because there is a little time different between us i think i can be online on times u arent so i can help people then.

How many hours are u on daily?: i was like 4-5 hours online just talking few months i been online like way less because of school and work but got more time now! so i can reach 2 to 4 hours i think.

What is your timezone: The Time zone of Amsterdam

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