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  Price Guide

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x1 Platinum Token = 1000GP Use on bank booth to swap

Lucky Box: 25m - 50m
Normal Party Hats: 25m - 50m
Normal Hmask: 25m - 50m
Bunny Ears: 200m - 300m
Black Hmask: 50m - 100m
Black 2008 Hmask: 50m - 100m
Yellow Hmask: 250m - 500m
Rainbow Party Hat: 500m - 1b
Black Party Hat: 500m - 1b
Lime Party Hat: 250m - 500m
Easter Ring: 2b - 4b
3rd Age Amulet: 250m - 500m
Rainbow Cav: 150m - 250m
Demon Tail: 100m - 200m
Demon Horrns 1: 100m - 200m
Demon Horns 2: 100m - 200m
Demon Hands: 100m - 200m
Demon Feet: 100m - 200m
Demon Head: 100m - 200m
Easter Basket: 250m - 750m
Easter Basket Gold:
Easter Basket Purple:
Easter Basket Black:
Easter Basket Barrows:
Easter Basket Red:
Easter Basket Blue
Easter Basket Yellow:
Easter Basket White:
Sled: 250m - 500m
Sled Gold:
Sled Purple:
Sled Black:
Sled Barrows:
Sled Red:
Sled Blue:
Sled Yellow:
Sled White:
Scythe: 500m - 1b
Golden Scythe:
Purple Scythe:
Black Scythe:
Barrows Scythe:
Red Scythe:
Blue Scythe:
Yellow Scythe:
White Scythe:

-Combat Weapons-
Abby Whip: 15m
Bandos Godsword: 25m - 50m
Zamorak Godsword: 25m - 50m
Saradomin Godsword: 60m 80m
Armadyl Godsword: 50m- 100m
Saradomin Sword: 25m - 50m
Zamorak Spear: 25m - 75m
Staff Of The Dead: 250m - 750m
Dragon Claws: 500m - 1b
Sword Of Spirits: 250m - 500m
Staff Of Light: 150m - 300m
Staff Of Light Red: 250m - 500m
Slayer Sword: 150m - 250m
3rd Age Sword: 250m - 500m
Korasi Sword: 350m - 1b
Rainbow Blades: 1b - 2b
Elder Maul: 250m - 500m
Kodai Wand: 250m - 500m
Blow Pipe: 250m - 500m

-Combat Armor-
Dragon Boots: 5m
Infinity Boots: 5m
Dragonfire Shield: 50m -150m
Spirit shield: 5m - 20m
Blessed Spirit Shield: 50m - 100m
Spectral Spirit Shield: 150m - 250m
Arcane Spirit Shield: 300m - 600m
Elysian Spirit Shield: 700m - 1b
Scarlet Spirit Shield: 750m - 1.2b
Bandos Chestplate: 25m -50m
Bandos Tassets: 25m -50m
Bandos Boots: 10m - 20m
Armadyl Helm: 35m - 65m
Armadyl Chestplate: 25m - 50m
Armadyl Chainskirt: 25m - 50m
Slayer Helm: 50m - 150m
Slayer Helm Green : 150m - 300m
Slayer Helm Red: 150m - 300m
Slayer Helm Black: 150m - 300m
Dragon Kiteshield: 150m - 300m
Barrows Defender: 50m - 150m
Slayer Shield: 350m - 700m
Serpentine Helm: 150m - 300m
Dragon Gloves: 50m -100m
Elite Void Top: 2b -4b
Elite Void Robe: 2b -4b
Dragon Plate (t): 100m - 200m
Dragon Plate: 100m - 200m
3rd Age Helm: 500m - 1.5b
3rd Age Platebody: 500m - 1.5b
3rd Age Platelegs: 500m - 1.5b
3rd Age Kiteshield: 500m - 1.5b
Golden Dhide Body: 50m - 200m
Golden Dhide Chaps: 50m - 200m
Ladys Helm: 100m - 300m
Ladys Chainmail: 100m - 300m
Ladys Platelegs: 100m - 300m
Ladys Shield: 100m - 300m
Ladys Gloves: 50m - 150m
Ladys Boots: 50m - 150m
Lava Helm: 250m - 400m
Lava Chainmail: 250m - 400m
Lava Platelegs: 250m - 400m
Lava Shield: 250m - 400m
Lava Gloves: 100m - 200m
Lava Boots: 100m - 200m
SB-Mod Crown: 350m - 700m
G-Mod Crown: 350m - 700m
Mod Crown: 4b - 8b
Mod Platebody: 1b - 2b
Mod Platelegs: 1b - 2b
Mod Kiteshield: 1b - 2b
Mod Boots: 1b - 2b
Mod Plateskirt: 1b - 2b
Admin Crown: 1.5b - 3.5b
Admin Platebody: 1.5b - 3.5b
Admin Platelegs: 1.5b - 3.5b
Admin Kiteshield: 1.5b - 3.5b
Admin Boots: 1.5b - 3.5b
Admin Plateskirt: 1.5b - 3.5b
Owner Crown: 1.5b - 3.5b
Owner Platebody: 1.5b - 3.5b
Owner Platelegs: 1.5b - 3.5b
Owner Kiteshield: 1.5b - 3.5b
Owner Boots: 1.5b - 3.5b
Royal Crown: 3b - 6b
Royal Gown Top: 3b - 6b
Royal Gown Bottom: 3b - 6b
Obsidian Helmet: 350m - 700m
Obsidian Platebody: 350m - 700m
Obsidian Platelegs: 350m - 700m
Ancestral Hat: 1b - 3b
Ancestral Robe Top: 1b - 3b
Ancestral Robe Bottom: 1b - 3b
Colored Black Trimmed Helm: 150m - 250m
Colored Black Trimmed Plate: 150m - 250m
Colored Black Trimmed Platelegs: 150m - 250m
Colored Black Trimmed Kiteshield: 150m - 250m

Infernal Cape: 100m - 200m
3rd Age Cloak: 1b - 2b
Monkey Cape: 2b - 4b
Monkey Bag: 100m - 300m
Quest Cape (t): 3b - 6b
Achievement Diary Cape(t): 4b - 8b
Dungeoneering Master Cape: 5b - 10b
Mithical Cape: 1b - 2b
Veteran Cape: 3b - 6b
Dr Cape: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Purple: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Pink: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Green: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Blue: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Light Blue: 1b - 2b
Dr Cape Red: 1b - 2b
Coffin Cape: 2b - 4b
Demonic Cape: 2b - 4b
Slenderman Tenticles: 3b - 6b

Dragon Pick: 250m - 750m

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Who helped you? Smile

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Good job on the price guide!

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