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  Rules of Ghreborn

Offline sgsrocks

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(This post was last modified: 02-16-2018 01:10 AM by Twistndshout.)

1. Respect All Staff

2. Don't Beg For Sgsrocks Or any Admins+ To Look At Your Staff Application The More You Ask The Less of a Chance You Will Have To Get Moderator/Admin If You Are Moderator Already.

3. If You Find A Dupeing Glitch Please Tell An Admin+ About It They Will Notify Me Or Sgsrocks And We Will Give You A Reward.

4.No Over excessive Swearing Please Don't Say F**k You S**t Face Little P***y A** B**ch Or Along Those Lines Like Saying F**k Cause You Died In Pvp Is Okay But Please No Over excessive Swearing.

5.Don't Ask Staff For Items If A Admin Or An Moderator Tells Me You Were Harassing Them For Items You Will Be Muted Or Jailed For How Much You Harassed Them.

6.Please Don't Lure People.

7.Don't Ask Sgsrocks Or any Admins+ For Drop Parties You Will Be Muted.

8.The More You Ask About When Staff Positions Will Be Opened Or Picked The Less Chance You Have Of Getting The Staff Position.

9.Please Don't Be Racist To People Of Other Skin Tones, Races Or Anything Of The Sort.

10.Please Don't Make Fake Drop Parties Or If You Are Doing One Don't Say "DROPPING FULL TORVA AT (Area Where You Say Its Going to Be) FOLLOW ME" And Drop Logs Or Rope Or Whatever You People Drop These Days.

If Anyone Including The Players Think I Should Add Something Please Leave A Comment Or Tell a staff member In Game.

Well Thanks For Reading My List Of The Rules Hope You Have A Great Day Big Grin.

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Ghreborn is a custom rsps with osrs data and working bossing and an stable eco.

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